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*This is a paid opportunity*


We are looking for Wedding Dance Instructors to join our growing team! Wedding Dance Instructors will be responsible for learning SQB client-tailored wedding choreography, setting up a practice schedule with our clients based on availability, and teaching our clients our choreography during practices. This will be a contract-based position and will be renewable on a contract-by-contract basis. Must be based in Chicago or surrounding suburbs.




  • Learn SQB choreography for specific clients you are assigned to (may start in-person and later move to learning from video)

  • Set up a practice schedule with your assigned client

  • Teach your assigned client wedding choreography over a set number of practices

  • You will be required to train and shadow a set number of wedding choreography sessions with our founder, Simron Sahoo, and teach under her supervision before being able to independently teach clients

  • Depending on performance, you may have the opportunity to choreograph for our wedding clients under the SQB company down the line and become an SQB choreographer

APPLICATION PROCESS: Please submit an online application by Sunday, November 20th, 2022 on our website by clicking the apply button below. All submitted applicants will receive a ~25 second video of choreography on November 21st that they will be required to learn. All applicants must book an appointment and audition in-person on Saturday, December 3rd or Sunday, December 11th. In addition, applicants must prepare a 16-count routine of their own choreography to teach our team.

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