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Shakti Queen Beats: A Chicago based danced company

Who is SQB?

Shakti Queen Beats (or, as we like to say, SQB) is a South Asian Chicago-based dance company that has been offering performances, event choreography, and workshops since 2019. We're all about mixing it up with styles like Bollywood Fusion, Hip-Hop, Bhangra, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak, Semi-Classical, and Contemporary. Even though we call Chicago home, our services bring our moves to dancers around the globe.


SQB was founded and is led by women, and we've been making moves in the dance scene since day one. We're proud to be industry trailblazers, showcasing high-energy performances and creating engaging workshops with renowned global instructors. These productions and workshops featuring international artists have left a longstanding impact on the dance community here in Chicago.


We're proud to serve various clientele, from couples wanting to wow their guests on their big day, to Hollywood and Bollywood producers aiming to spice up their productions with some flare.

What We're Doing

Our mission at SQB is to create a safe space where dancers can grow, express themselves, and find a supportive community. We're not just providing dance classes but we're building the next generation of dancers. Through our choreography for weddings, performances, and workshops, we're teaching more than just steps. We're showing people how to own the stage, learn the professional skills to perform in front of a camera, provide an environment to learn and grow to support the next era of dancers, and make dance a universal language.

We believe in creating a legacy by nurturing the best in every dancer. Our focus is on the details and nuances of each dance style, ensuring our choreography is authentic and engaging, helping dancers achieve their goals and build their careers.

So whether you're looking to learn some moves for your big day, hone your performance skills, or want to connect with a vibrant community, SQB has a spot for you.

Join us, and let's create something amazing together.

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