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Shakti Queen Beats is a Chicago-based dance company and brand founded by Simron Sahoo, offering services including performances, event choreography, and classes. Since our launch in the beginning of 2019, we have significantly grown our team, expanding our dance team and choreographers. We are proud to have built a foundation for teaching Indian dance with Western influences to achieve our vision of a larger dance community that blends both cultures. 

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Shakti, meaning the dynamic principles of power and strength, is what Shakti Queen Beats seeks to embody. Simron aims to express this power as a dancer, choreographer, performer, and innovator. She hopes to share her passion and love for dancing with dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels as she strives to build an Indian dance platform and greater dance community. SQB presents a modern take on South Asian dance rooted in both Indian and Western cultures.


"What started as a passion project has turned into a full-fledged business. As a trained dancer born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I grew up learning many different styles of Indian dance, such as Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, and Bhangra as a way to stay connected to my culture and roots. Dancing quickly became my therapy and outlet, something that carried me through many life changes. I started SQB with the vision of creating a modern-day Indian dance hub in Chicago where we could bring together dancers of all backgrounds and levels to foster this large dance community. I wanted to share my love for dance and my South Asian culture with the Chicago community, as well as build a safe space for creative individuals. Our dance workshops and team practices serve as an outlet and release from the day-to-day pressures we’re all facing."

- Simron

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