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At SQB, our choreography team is the heart and soul of everything we do. With extensive experience in the rich and vibrant traditions of South Asian dance, our talented choreographers bring a fusion of history, creativity, and passion to every performance.

Each of our instructors have spent years mastering a variety of South Asian dance styles, from the intricate and expressive movements of Bharatanatyam to the high-energy and dynamic rhythms of Bhangra and Bollywood. Their deep understanding of these traditions, combined with a modern flair, creates unforgettable performances that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.

Whether you're interested in learning dance for fun, preparing for a special event, or looking to join our professional troupe, you'll be guided by experts who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and love for dance.

Join us to experience the energy, artistry, and community that make South Asian dance truly special.



senior choreographer

Ushma is a Chicago based choreographer and dancer who has worked with several clients to get them ready for their big day. She is trained in Bharatnatyam, Ballroom and Hip Hop. She specializes in working with her clientele to bring some extra masala and fun into dances with couples, families and bridal parties! Ushma believes everyone can dance and strives to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and dance like no one is watching. She hopes she can dance with you!




Parita is a skilled wedding choreographer for Shakti Queen Beats. With over 15 years of professional dance experience, she has mastered a range of styles, including Bollywood Fusion, Hip Hop, Bhangra, Ballroom, and Garba. Her true passion lies in choreographing and instructing soon-to-be-wed couples, along with their families and friends, to create unforgettable moments on their wedding day. Her expertise extends to crafting routines for the couple's first dance, sangeet performances, family showcases, and bridesmaid/friend ensembles. Parita enthuses, "Witnessing the couple confidently execute their perfected performance brings an unparalleled sense of euphoria!"



Amit has experience competing on his university's Garba and Raas competitive team, Texas Raas. He danced on the team all 4 years of college and was captain my senior year. Since college, he has kept his passion for dance alive through partaking in bollywood fusion and hip-hop teams. This passion is one of the most fun and rewarding things he likes to share with clients and unlock the same for them. “No matter what level of dance you have or years of experience, everyone is great at putting on a show!”

Nikita Wedding Choreographer Picture.jpg


lead choreographer

Simron is the founder of Shakti Queen Beats and a Chicago-based dancer and choreographer, who has been classically trained in Bharatnatyam for 15 years, along with Hip Hop, Bhangra, and Bollywood. She has worked on 60+ weddings as part of SQB in Chicago, greater Chicago suburbs, and nationally, specializing in Ballroom, Bollywood, and Fusion choreography. She loves being part of her clients' special day by making it everything they dreamed of!



Ria is experienced with multiple age groups for a variety of events including community socials, birthdays, and of course - weddings!  Teaching is something she enjoys and believes that the dancing should be the "stress-free" part of any event. Her style of teaching is primarily focused on making her clients as comfortable and confident as possible. “It can be difficult to learn an entire combination of steps (with or without any previous dance experience) and planning for any event is already hard enough, so I do my best to break the steps down in a simple way that's easy to pick up virtually or in-person.”



Ruby has experience in a variety of dance styles including Bhangra, Bollywood, Garba, Raas, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Ballet, and Jazz. Ruby recently went through the wedding planning process herself, and she loves working with wedding clients to make their dream performances come to life. She has experience with choreographing and teaching dances for couples, solos, bridal parties, families, friends, and baraats. In addition to English, Ruby is fluent in Hindi and understands Punjabi. Her goal with teaching is for her clients to have fun and feel confident! 



Nikita is versatile in many dance forms including Kathak, Bollywood, Fusion, and Bhangra. She has been training since the age of 9 and has many experiences competing in various competitions and troupes. She loves collaborating with our clients to help add a little extra sparkle to their celebrations and genuinely believes anyone can groove to a beat, whether it is their first time or their 100th! 

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